Trade Value

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Some friendly collectors for the 'trade value' are needed.

There is a special permission group to see and update the trade value of each label. So the initial work is done and all labels have got a trade value, now we need some collectors who test, if the value is understandable AND change it, if the value is unplausible compared to other labels.

Remember, we have the following coints to measure a trade value: 1♠, 2♠, 3♠, 5♠, 8♠, 13♠, 21♠, 34♠, 55♠, 89♠, 144♠, 233♠, 377♠, 610♠.

And the goal is that the old and rare labels have got a 'unrealistic' much higher value then new and common labels so a trade old labels vs. old label is much more likely. See the several articles I have written on this topic.

Later, when this task is done, the trade value of each label is published in the tradelist next to the 'I want it' button and in addition the sum of all values of a request- and wantlist in the header. So  the trade lists should have in future not only the same length but also the same trade value.

Who can help?

this value is correlated to

this value is correlated to label rareness, so in general the less people have got it the more rare and more higher its trade value is

I mean you can get this info/ratio right from your catalogue/statistics you've already got

A misunderstanding. The

A misunderstanding. The dicussion is done and it is already implemented. But so far hidden with a special permission and not to see for a 'normal' collector. I need a group of collectors who trade a lot and check / corect the value for their trades.