The Catalog needs Cooperation

In the last 5 years we have added 22,719 labels to the catalog. We merged all known collections into this catalog and added all new labels issued during this time. 61% of this work was done by me, 25% by Peter and then Nico is following by 5%. That means 91% of this task was done by only three collectors. To be concrete: I have added in this 5 years 13,846 labels or in average 230 each month. I guess everybody will understand, that I like to change now something in principle.

There are many collectors who also add labels like Bert, Zan, Ferrin, Zabava, Barbara, Elya, Fiorentina, Claus and many more. I would like to thank all these collectors who help to build up the catalog of all known banana labels. However, the work at the catalog has so far not an equal workload in our community. There are - now where all the collections have been merged - between 150 and 250 new labels each month. Not many collectors have added that many labels in 5 years in total. How do we want to do add the 150 to 250 labels each month to keep the catalog up to date?

Where are most of the labels from? Many collectors send me pictues and ask me to add new labels, because they do not want to learn it ("no time"). And new labels are also published all over the internet and the social media of people who do not really care about our catalog. I'm in WhatsApp groups, have many 'friends' at Facebook where they show new labels and there are also the Facebook groups & websites of fruit label collectors.

To check all this is too much for me. I have done it, because I wanted to build up the catalog and I wanted to build up a community of collectors. But now I need more support of this community. I feel the need to reduce my extreme work load and ask you to take some tasks. When we like to have all known labels in the catalog also in future, we need now more authors, mentors to help the collectors in using this catalog and support in self-help and skills in scanning banana labels and updating the catalog. We can not realize it, when only one or two collectors are doing nearly all the work. And it is not only about adding new labels, it is also about to verify labels, correct wrong or incomplete data, remove redundant entries or adding background information & comments to our brands and labels. Please let me know how we can put this task on many shoulders.

Who does help to check one of the other websites, Facebook or WhatsApp groups and add the labels to the catalog? Who does help to examine more closely the 150 to 250 new labels each month and correct missing or wrong data? Who does like to build up more experience to maintain this catalog?

Do we find a new solution how we keep the catalog up to date?


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Oct 2019