The Catalog is NOT for free

The Catalog is NOT for free

When we started the catalog, I rented a small environment of computers to use it with this content management system. I was suprised when the catalog and the number of collectors was growing that we need a much more professional technical infrastructure. Something you can't operate by yourself.

How to store Duplicates

How to store Duplicates

When you find banana labels in the supermarket that you like to trade with other collectors, you need an idea how to put the sticky things into an envelope. One important aspect is to protect them to stick at each other.

Top bananas in sustainable banana business

Banana producers are facing some problems. Production, profits and market access are highly concentrated. The conditions and prices prioritize the cheapest production possible, even when this violates labour rights or is environmentally destructive.

17,500 Duplicates

We offer at our trade lists more than 17,500 different banana labels. 72 collectors from all over the world show what they have and like to get wonderful labels in exchange. This is the largest stock of labels ever. You can find here everything. Even a BAVEA or a blue ALONSO was seen for a short moment in one of the trade lists.

Feedback to our Catalog

In this article we collect some quotes and reactions we have found at FB or WhatsApp. This positiv words help us in building up the catalog. We enjoy this feedback very much of course. I want to highlight, that in the mean time, the catalog is updated by many, many collectors and what we build up here, is the result of our common work.