Balanced Trades

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Most of us collectors likes to get old and rare labels for our collection. And some collects still have old labels in their trade lists. For example me. And quite often I find this old and rare labels in the REQUESTLIST of someone. Which is in principle OK if the trade has got a right balance. But quite often it isn't and I have to haggle and have to argue, why I do not like to do the trade.

I personally like to trade this rare old labels in exchange with other rare old labels. I do not like to trade a 30 year old labels with a new one just right of a role or supermarket. And I do not like to discuss a lot.

So what to do? Should we add a flag at each old label, that says "I'm an old and rare label please offer something special to compensate the trade"?  Is it OK, just to say no and do not this trade. Please help with your ideas how we can trade old and rare labels in our community?

What is more rare ??

What is more rare ??

Old label I have - 30x - or a new label that is known to 2-5 collectors?

I say - rare is the one - which I do not have !!

Yes, and this is the reason

Yes, and this is the reason we have now the flag SPECIAL TRADE. You can set this flag at each label if you like to talk about the compansation individually. This can be the old ones or the new rare ones. You decide. Just set this flag and the label is underlined in RED which means 'I'm hard to get and I rather like to stay in the Czech Republic'.

It's up to you to say: "This is for me a  SPECIAL TRADE label and I like to talk about what you give me in exchange. I will for sure not give it away for something you just found in the supermarked".

OK, we have now many

OK, we have now many individual definitions of what can be rare. So in general old labels are rare and you both have also in addition some individual rare labels. I'm fine by that. But the question for me is, how we agree a balanced trade. I think we just click and build up our want list. That's it, and no further discussion, negotiantion and chats about the 'trade value' of the labels.